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Footpath work and Carved Posts

Our Wednesday evening wood-carving group began life in early 2018, as part of the build-up to the 2018 Middlezoy Arts Festival. We undertook a major project aimed at improving local footpath access and, in particular the creation of a circular walk with improved access. This project was split into two sections, the first being a series of woodcarving workshops where people were encouraged to carve posts and signs to be installed as part of the upgrade. Tools and tuition were partly funded by the Arts festival.


The second half of the project was the purchase and installation of the materials for upgrade of the footpath furniture. The installation work was undertaken by a group of volunteers.


Major funding for the overall project was provided by Hinkley Point C Community Fund with additional funding and support provided by a number of local companies and individuals.


In all, it is estimated that well over fifty people have been involved with the project in one way or another.


A copy of the circular walk map and some photos of the installations can be found in the links below. Additional work during 2019 included both trying to finish the circular walk and to do additional upgrades aimed at creating a series of “out-and-back” easy access routes. We are also hoping to continue the work in future with further upgrades and clearing of the less used paths.

Some competed posts:

Latest footpath updates:

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