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Projects in development:

Festival 2020

Benches for Middlezoy School - reuse wood from the old Burrowbridge school to make outdoor furniture for the school [more here].

School wall mural

Current projects:

New for 2019:

Little Dresses for Africa - Thursday craft group will use old pillowcases to create items for charity [more details here].

Heritage signs - With the help of Middlezoy Heritage Society, carving wooden 'lost' street/field names from Middlezoy's past [more here]. 

Ongoing from 2018:

Footpath signposts - Carving footpath posts and signs to highlight a circular footpath around the village [more here].

Footpath clearing - Ongoing project to restore and maintain the footpaths around the village, and improve the signs/gates. 

Complete projects:

Winter Lanterns (2018) - Design and create lanterns to be displayed (lit-up) during the winter months.

Festival 2018

Flag workshops (2018) - Design and create flags to be displayed during the MZ Arts Festival.

Stone benches (2016-17) - Carve stone benches with designs from school children, 3 at various locations in the village.

Festival 2016

Festival 2014

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