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Little Dresses for Africa

Our Thursday craft group have begun a new project, that anyone can join in with. Using designs from the Secret Linen Store, all you need is a sewing machine and a spare afternoon. The instructions are made to be simple so whether you're a sewing expert or a complete newbie, everyone can get involved.

If sewing is not your thing, then you can get involved another way. Simply donate your brightly coloured cotton pillowcases and we can do the hard work for you!

Here are some examples of little dresses that have been sent to Secret Linen Store:



All About Little Dresses for Africa

Founded in 2008, Little Dresses for Africa is an American not for profit charity that strives to send beautiful clothes for vulnerable children across Africa. 

Once your little dresses arrive at the Secret Linen Store, they send them on to their UK ambassador who works to make sure they're sent to worthy communities across Africa. 

The pillowcase dresses are hugely appreciated by the communities as items of clothing, however the charity works closely with the communities too. All the dresses are delivered to small and remote villages by groups of volunteers. The charity delivers the dresses to the children and spend time with the residents, building relationships to focus on educating about clean water, assisting with primary education and helping to build community. 

The little dresses are always delivered to small villages and distributed alongside a local church or orphanage. The charity always ensures that the villages that are receiving dresses do not have easy access to clothing items, therefore do not negatively affect the local economy or compete will a local business. 

You can keep updated with where our little dresses are being sent by following the Little Dresses for Africa - UK Facebook page. 

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