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AGM tonight!

For those who aren't able to make our AGM tonight, but are wanting to get involved in future... could you kindly PM me (Caroline or through this Arts p age) with a preferred email and tel no to be added to our contacts loop.

Additionally, let me know if there is a specific role you'd like - just a supporter/ideas contributor is fine and very much welcomed... but please consider our following roles also which have been reshuffled and MUST be filled to continue our constituted committee...

Remember - you neither have to reside in Middlezoy, nor have experience of the 'arts' to fulfil a role.

Treasurer Specific Duties • Manage internet banking (co-signatory). • Pay and receive monies for invoices and events throughout year (busiest month before and after festival bi-annually). • Report accounts at each committee meeting. • Create spreadsheet for plans of incomings and outgoings in run-up to festival. • Liaise with Chair and Secretary/co-ordinator for grant applications. • Be contactable and objective!

Secretary Specific Duties • Collate minutes from committee meetings. • Liaise with Chair to compile plans and distribute. • Distribute agenda ahead of meetings. • Liaise with funders and artists via letter, email and phone.

Member Specific Duties • Attend as many meetings as possible • Contribute to recruiting members • Contribute to supporting and advertising events • Contribute to decision-making

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